Me at 16

That’s a question that I’ve asked myself everyday since I became a New Kids On the Block Fan is “Why do guys hate them and girls love them?”?  Well, we aren’t exactly sure what the answer to that question is but I, personally, think that guys can be a bit nasty and jealous of bands like the New Kids simply

because girls like to lavish attention on them and not on real guys who will love us back.  I can remember at an assembly at my school this guy who was a speaker all he had to do was mention New Kids On The Block and the girls all screamed.  I remember hearing the boys all booing them.  He said “do you ever notice how

The New Kids On The Block Letter from when I was 15 years old.  I wrote to them asking that they come to my hometown. They unfortunately didn't come to my hometown because they needed arenas at the time.  🙂

the girls all scream and the boys all boo? I remember someone shouted out  “awe they’re just jealous!”  And it was true.  Guys were just jealous of the New Kids because we girls lavished a fair bit of attention on them and we didn’t lavish attention on them.  🙂  I know that now that the fans and the non-fans are grown up the non-fans are  still jealous.  🙂  LOL!!  And who could blame us for liking 5 hardworking  young sexy guys from Boston, MA?

All I know is that from the tender age of 12 onwards my mind was made up.  New Kids On The Block were tops in my eyes and nobody was going to tell me otherwise.  Not even the jealous populous of boys at my highschool who thought that New Kids sucked and the music

Joe posing with A stuffed elephant.

that they liked was good could stop my fandom.    I think that New Kids On The Block were the finest men in the world, young, rich, and talented.  I don’t think guys liked the fact that New Kids were stealing all of their thunder away from them.  And who could blame guys for feeling that way?  New Kids On The Block were young, ranging in ages from 17 – 21.  And it was hard to choose just one New Kid to like.  🙂 Ahem——————————–>

Does that picture gives you any hints as to who I like?

New Kids On The Block consisted of 5 boys from the Boston Massachusetts area.  Brothers Jordan Knight and Jonathan Knight are  from Worcester, Donnie Wahlberg is from Dorchester, Danny Wood is from Boston, and Joe McIntyre is from Jamaica Plain, all came together to make music……….  And boy what a long ride they had.

The New Kids On The Block started in 1984  when music producer Maurice Starr was looking for five young and talented white boys to fill a niche.  Another pop group that would cater to the white musical market.  And thus the New Kids On The Block Were Born.  Originally called NYNUK, as in Nanooks of the North, Maurice took the boys under his wing.  All of the New Kids moms were sceptical including Danny Wood’s mother Betty who said at the time that she wasn’t going to let anybody mess with her kid’s head and tell him that he was the next big thing.  🙂

But that was 4 years before the New Kids had actually made it.  🙂  Not much has changed in the 20 some odd years since New Kids actually made it.   Donnie, Jordan, and Jonathan’s parents are divorced and they made it through the hard times.  I guess that’s why I like them a lot because they’ve been through what I’ve been through.  🙂

New Kids On The Block on the Clover of Teen Beat magazine

Both guys and girls had different reactions to them.  And the guy’s reactions were less than surprising.

A guy’s reaction:

“What do you see in them?”?

“What have they got that I don’t have?”?

“I’m not jealous at all.  Why do I need to be jealous of them?”?

All typical reactions to them by teenaged males.  Other reactionary terms that guys may add are:

“They’re so gay!”

“They’re too cute for me!”

“I hate them!”

“A guy who likes New Kids is gay!” <======= This is the one that puts me off the most.  😛

“Aren’t girls ever going to grow up?”?

“I don’t understand why you like them!<=========  Why on earth would a guy get matters of a girl’s heart and why she would like 5 guys who don’t even know they exist?

A girl’s reaction:

“They’re sooooooo cute!”

“They’re gorgeous!”

“They’re so sexy!”

“Guys are just jealous because we pay attention to the New Kids and we don’t pay any attention to them.”

All typical reactions to them by teenaged females.   Other female reactions to them would be:

“Guys don’t know what they’re talking about?”?

“Guys weren’t meant to get why we like New Kids?”? <======== This one was a true statement.  Guys were never actually meant to get why girls  like New Kids? It’s just one of life’s great mysteries.   🙂

New Kids shooting their Coca Cola commercial

So why do girls love them and guys hate them? I’m going to guess that guys hate them because they stole all of their thunder away from them and girls paid more attention to them then they did to them?  But you know what? As long as they keep on making the music and keeping the fans happy then what’s it to any guy who hates them? Because, in the end, isn’t it the fans happiness all that counts when liking New Kids On The Block.

As Donnie says in the Games video: “who gives a damned about what critics say?”? It’s all in the music and it’s all about making their legions of female fans happy.  🙂  And we are very happy that they’re back.  🙂

New Kids on the Block are the ones who made the pop music genre and there were plenty of other “boy bands” that came before them.  New Edition, The Jacksons, and the Osmonds all came before them with their share of cushy, slosh, romantic ballads and battles between their fans over which one is the cutest?

I think that girls have their own preference as to which New Kid is the cutest.  I think it all depends on who you ask.  🙂  My opinion is that there are two groups of people who won’t ever get why girls like New Kids On The Block: Parents and guys.  Guys won’t ever get why girls like New Kids and they never will get it.  So jeers to the guys who don’t like them and cheers to the girls that do like them.  🙂 And parents well every generation has parts of pop culture that parents won’t ever get.  So I’m just going stop writing in case my mother comes across this in a Google search and kills me for saying it.  🙂